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LPaG Recommended Equipment:

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LPaG Recommended Equipment

Below is a list of kitchen equipment that Larder Pantry and Garden recommend.

These recommendations are based on personal experience (it’s the gear used in the LPaG kitchen), or from other satisfied cooks.

This list will be added to, so check back regularly for updates. You can also find a list of LPaG recommended ingredients here.

The sections are:

Baking/piping stencil for macarons: download here

General Equipment

Cast Iron Skillet

Chopping board

Dish or tea towels

Frying pan

Grater – Box style

Grater – Plane style, set of 2; fine and coarse

Knife set – 3 Piece set, 10cm pairing knife, 16cm cook’s knife, and 20cm bread knife

Measuring cups and spoons – 6 spoons: /8-tsp, 1/4-tsp, 1/2-tsp, 1-tsp, 1/2-Tbls, 1-Tbls. 4 Cups: 1 cup (250ml), ½ cup (125ml), ⅓ cup (80ml) and ¼ cup (60ml)

Measuring Jug – 1.5Lt, universal measurements (metric, imperial, and cups)

Mixing bowls – 6 piece set – 0.55L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 6L & 10L*

Muslin/cheese cloth

Parchment paper – for non stick baking, homemade piping bags, etc

Paper bags – multipurpose, storage, cleaning, etc.

Piping bag – cake decorating, food presentation, baking, etc

Piping bag nozzles – 2 nozzles; #12 round and #21 star – perfect for macarons!

Rolling pin and guide set – 40cm long, stainless steel, with 2, 4, 6mm spacers.

Saucepan set – 3 Pieces: 16, 18 and 20 cm saucepans with lids



Sieves – set of 3


Lifters – lifting food to plates, or from other surfaces

Pastry brush

Palette knives – lifting delicate food, cake decorating, etc

Spatulas – scraping and folding

Spider – lift food when deep frying

Stirring spoons

Tongs – 18cm and 20cm, multipurpose

Whisk – Metal

Whisk – Nylon

Oven and Baking Ware

Baking sheet – 24x18cm rectangular

Baking sheet – 39x27cm rectangular

Baking tray – 35×24 cm rectangular

Bundt pan – 20cm round

Dutch oven – 2.5Lt round

Dutch oven – 4.2Lt round

Flan dish – 13cm individual round

Flan dish – 29cm round

Flan tins – 4 x 10cm round

Flan tins – 2 x 11x6cm rectangular

Loaf Tins – 2Lb or 21x11cm rectangular

Madeleine tray – 1 x 12Madeleine holes, 40x19cm

Oven Dishes – 3 rectangular: sml; 21x17cm, med; 27x21cm, lrg; 35cmx 25cm

Pie bowls – 6 x 4.4×14.5×10.4cm oval

Ramekins – Black

Ramekins – White

Terrine – 25.5x11x27cm

Handheld Appliances

Hand Blender – for blending soups, etc

Hand Whisk – for whipping egg whites, cream, etc

Mini Hand-whisk – essential for making frappes or other frothy drinks.

Bench top Appliances

Food Processor

Pasta Machine – hand operated

Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer Attachments: Pasta Maker, Grinder/Mincer and Sausage Maker, Grinder, Food Processor

Yoghurt maker

Serving Ware

Beer glasses – 6 x 370cc

Highball glasses – 6 x 295cc

Mains Plates – 26cm round

Metal straw

Side Plates – 16cm round

Serving Platter – 33x19cm rectangular

Serving Platters – 3 x 35.6x15cm rectangular

Tall glasses – 6 x 510cc

Tumbler glasses – 6 x 405cc