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Personalised Online Cooking Classes

Taking personalised online cooking classes will lead you to a lifetime of gourmet culinary rewards. In each cooking session with Chef Kit, you’ll cook amazing dishes, and also discuss ‘food’ while you cook together.

What do we mean by ‘food’? We’re talking about the ‘field to fork’ philosophy. Where ingredients come from, how they’re produced, the best storage methods, and how we can be more responsible foodies.

During your personalised online cooking classes you’ll have access to ask Kit all about her experiences as a professional chef; top tips, best cheats and get-aheads, and of course, anything else that might inspire you in the kitchen.

Online Cooking Classes, the best place to hangout with your friends
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Personalised Online Cooking Classes where you'll sample and learn from your cooking
Discover something new and taste amazing flavours
Learn new skills, like making pasta!
Get hands-on with culinary skills
Personalised Online Cooking Classes help you learn from home
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Personalised Online Cooking Classes bring back to life family classics
Master menu classics

Class Sizes:

Classes are available in a private 1:1 setting, but also through small groups, making it an ideal online activity to share with friends. Just find a time with your friends, book your class, and buy the ingredients.

Menu Options:

Chef Kit offers a range of menus; Greek, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and so on. You’ll find a full list on the booking page.

But, you don’t need to have a preset menu. Classes can be personalised to your needs. Need help getting the basics down-pat? Done! Want to focus on baking? Done! Dreaming of a romantic dinner for someone special and need help? Done!

The sky is the limit, together you and Chef Kit can discuss and tailor a cooking class, or classes, to suit your budget and culinary needs.


There are two (2) categories of classes; 1:1 Private, or 1:Many Group.

1:1 Private: is a fully customised experience for one participant, and as such is more expensive than the group booking.

The base rate for this option is $65USD/€60/£55 for 1hour.

Multiple hour class discount:

  • $60USD/€55/£50 per hour for a 2hour class
  • $55USD/€50/£45 per hour for a 3hour class

1:Many Group: Min 2 and Max 10 participants is the perfect setting for online get-togethers, hangouts, and even dating.

The base rate is:

  • 1hr @ $45USD/€50/£45 per person 
  • 2hrs @ $40USD/€45/£40 per person 
  • 3hrs @ $35USD/€40/£35 per person

Fee Payments:

Fees are paid prior to the class, using PayPal. A deposit of 50% of the first hour will reserve the booking. The deposit is due at the time of confirmation.

The ‘balance’ is required at least three (3) days before the scheduled date.

You can also pay in full at the time of booking if preferred.

Upon payment of all fees, participants will receive the recipes, along with an equipment list, and timeline.

Cancellations and Refunds:

You may cancel, but this must be done within 10 days of booking, or within 4 days of the scheduled class to be fully refunded.

Less than 3 days: You will be refunded the ‘balance’ portion of your fees. The deposit will be retained to cover costs incurred on your behalf.

Less than 24hrs: There is no refund at this point. You class may however be rescheduled at a time more convenient to both parties at the discretion of the chef.

In the event of your class being cancelled by Chef Kit, you can either rebook without refund, or a full refund will be issued to you as soon as possible.

How to Book Personalised Online Cooking Classes:

Use the Bookings page, and Chef Kit will contact you soon to discuss your class.

You’ll also receive your personalised meeting room address and access PIN at the time of class confirmation.

LPaG/Chef Kit utilise ‘Zoom‘ as the preferred virtual delivery method. You can download Zoom here.